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Kanga Internet are among the elite Australian web developers. Our team of web development professionals work in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia and strive to be the best in disciplines web development, from scoping and planning through to the delivery of our solutions. We have a proven record of building large and complex web solutions but we also thrive on the smaller website development.

When building websites we have a several seven step process for development. These stages are scoping, planning, analysis, design, development, implementation and marketing. Using these steps ensures that our clients are striving for the very best from their websites and from us. It means we have checks and balances in our web development process and creates the most efficient web development process within the industry.

Web Development Methods & Techniques

Kanga use industry standard web development planning procedures and practices so that we can deliver quality solutions. As Australian web developers, in the scoping stage Kanga analyse the technical architecture and functionality of your new website and formulate the best development plan for your website and its geolocated target audience.

  • In the planning stage we identify your target market and develop goals for the persuasive delivery of your marketing information to your intended website visitors.
  • In the design process, Australian web developers structure the data into single A4 pages and plan out their individual layout. These pages are joined, and pieced together to give the site a constant navigation.
  • In the development stage of the build process, HTML tools are used in order to piece together the structure and framework for the website.
  • Implementation means our team create and organise the file structure and layout for the site. During the promotion step in Australian web development, the online marketing and promotion communication is brought into play on the website. This means we promote the site to the whole of the Internet and all similar and associated industries.
  • The promotional methods that the site is specific and targeting its intended market online.

In the finals stages of development it is important that the website is thoroughly tested and a continuing level of maintenance and monitoring of the success of the website. This ongoing maintenance is to ensure that the website is performing and is in perfect tip, top condition.

What Do, We Do?

Servicing clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Bribane, Adelaide and Perth, Australia our developers can deliver quality web based solutions. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your next development project

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