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ECommerce Websites Are Really Good For Business

Internet trends

In first World countries the Internet is now a huge part of our everyday life. We use it at work and we use it at home. A person from a first World country would be in a minority if they said they had not paid for anything across the Internet or bought a product or service online through an eCommerce store. In a August, 2007 study it was found that in Europe, in 2006, residents in European Nations spent $132 Billion Euros (USD $180 Billion) through eCommerce Websites. In the next 5 years the amount spent through eCommerce Websites is set to increase by 25% per annum to an estimated $406.8 Billion Euros (USD $554 Billion) by 2011. It should be noted this only covers Europe and does not factor in the US, Asia and other emerging regions, which would easily double or triple those figures.

Huge Potential Online

There is a huge market place online that needs to be serviced by online shops and websites selling products and services. For established businesses there is an even greater market, especially since success offline provides a good platform for success online.

eCommerce website partners, who will be building your website, should be assessed for their suitability to deliver a quality ongoing relationship that will be to your company’s best benefit for the long term.

  • 1. A strong history of developing eCommerce solutions with a good portfolio and testimonials
  • 2. Hosting with reliable and strong Internet connections
  • 3. Good design and development team with at least 5 people to ensure adequate support in the future
  • 4. Proven abilities to market websites online with a documented history of successes for clients. The single most important feature of any shop is being able to get visitors through the doors.

We Take The Steps To Build Your New eCommerce Website

We build eCommerce stores with search engine optimisation built in, so as to provide many different doorways into the store. ECommerce websites owners should recognize that the more people you get to come to your website the more sales you will make. Search Engine Optimisation does exactly this, targeting certain phrase that when searched on in Google your website shows up for. Now it should be noted that the higher to the top you finish the more website visitors you are likely to get. It has been shown in studies that 80% of all people who search on a term go to one, or more, of the results on the first page (the top 10) results. So the goal with SEO is to get on the first page and in the top 10 results shown for a given search term. So your goal in choosing a partner should be focused on good website design but more on online marketing and how they can help you spread the word and get visitors to your website.

An eCommerce website provides many benefits to the underlying business. It gives the business an extra dimension and as mentioned above if implemented with SEO, many doorways into the shop. With more customers comes more revenues - everyone recognizes this fact. An eCommerce Shop also provides Interstate, National and even global reach for your product or service. With a Global eCommerce system you can reach the farthest reaches of the World and supply product, creating a Global Brand Name in new emerging markets.

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