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Google Sandbox Theory & Workarounds

Google and many other search engines allow you to submit your URL to their search engine so that they are 1. made aware that you exist and 2. that you are ready for them to scan your website.
Many SEO consultants think that submitting your URL to google is vital early on in the process of building your website. However from recent experience and probably some changes in the Googlebot it is vital to register your domain early but having content on your website is vital before submitting it to Google. Reason; because if it is a work in progress then all of the half done pages are likely to be picked up by Google and semi-indexed. Google will see half done titles, meta and content and scan that. It can be better to wait that exta few weeks until you have a barebones website up and running with sufficient unique content to warrant informing Google about it.

My suggestion is get the framework of your website up and running and input 2-3 articles then submit it to Google. Ensure writing the articles and getting to a working website is done quickly you don't want to wait 3 months before submitting the URL to Google. Its a trade off between getting it listed early and having valuable content. It is also vital to have the correct framework and menu structure as all links are picked up by Google.

So if you want to submit a website to google then go to and input your URL to be crawled by Googlebot.

Once submitted it could anywhere between 2 hours and 4 months before Google actually comes and crawls your website.  During this time you can begin building good valuable and UNIQUE content so that when Googlebot does come and crawl your website it scans relevant and quality content.

So, Googlebot has visited your site now and although crawling is taking place, because you can see it in your traffic log analysis software, you also know that all your pages are being scanned but you may still ask the age old question; why are none of my pages listed near the top of the search results? Well, Google, has an associated cooling off period in listing search results which is often called the "sandbox affect". To briefly describe this, it is when Google detects a new website which has recently been found or submitted (note: being found by Google through a link from a high PR website is best!) and Google withholds its rightful ranking for a period of time.  This cooling off period continues for an undefined (by any SEO expert) period of time until the Googlebot algorithm determines that the website is credible, genuine and valid.  It is known from interviews with Google staff that they implemented this weighting to try and discourage the creation of websites purely for the purposes of SPAM (a website that had no other purpose other than to increase a ranking for another site).

So, now you can see the need to submit early on in the development of your website but as stated above it is also important to have some initial content also.

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