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Joomla Duplicate Content

When you install the Joomla System the PDF and Print icons shown in the top corner of article pages is effectively duplicate pages in your website. When a search engine looks at your website it scans the title, meta desc, meta keywords and page content. From the page content the search engine logs and follows its links, like Melbourne Web Design. Each of these links is assessed in several ways by the search engine; does it work? linked text, target page title, target page meta, target page content. All of these are then compared to the originating page and its own title, meta, content.

Search Engines dislike duplicate content. Pages with identical page title and meta descriptions are considered identical content to Google and these pages will be relegated to the supplemental index. The supplemental index is the second string database by google - which is ranked lower than the main database.

So how can I check whether any of my pages are listed in this supplemental index?
Go to google and type "site:YOURDOMAIN". Look down the list and they are labeled with "Supplemental Result".

So, what do I do to remedy this in Joomla?

Turn off you PDF and Print icons in the Adminstrator->Site->Global Configuration->Content.

This is the good start but it is not complete because there could be other reasons for your pages being stuck in the supplemental index. In a few days I will cover other tactics for Joomla pages listed in the supplemental results index when they are not there because of the PDF and Print Icons.

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