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SEO Friendly Development 

These are the things we must do in the process of SEO friendly development.  Curb your expectations you are in for the long haul when it comes to SEO and your website - atleast 6-12 months to get good results for keyword terms in high traffic areas.  There is no quick fix and you should expect to be revising, checking, re-revising and configuring your pages.  Don't update page constantly changing titles, description and keywords keep it simple.  If I am optimising then I will make one or two changes and then check my resulting rankings for the following 4-5 days.  The reason I do this is because I want to know if the things I did had any affect and they are also easily reversible. A Good website has quality links, unique and relevant content, these are the keys to success

This is my checklist of things that I do when creating a good SEO website.  These are either across the whole site or are specifically per page.  So please understand these SEO principles for the brief nature they are and treat them as ongoing goals for you and your website. 

  • Good & Small HTML Coding of pages - handcoded?
  • Minimal Javascript in your website
  • Small page size < 25k HTML
  • Small Images < 75k
  • Turn off not used components, modules and mambots
  • Installed a Joomla SEF component like JoomSEF or OpenSEF
  • Sitemap Component like Joomap or SEF Service Map
  • Identified Keyword terms using Wordtracker, Overture & Google Adwords Tool
  • Broken up keyword terms to specific pages on website
  • Sprinkled these keyword terms through page title, description, meta keywords and content
  • Remember Rules of leftness - left is more important
  • No spamming or multiple repeating of keywords.  Title repeat 2-3 max, desc 2-3 max, meta keywords 2-4 times.
  • Title 4-12 words long max
  • Descriptions 3-4 Sentences
  • Meta Keywords Max 30-35 words
  • Submit XML sitemap to Google dynamic with Sitemap component
  • Image Alt Tags all complete
  • Check pages for W3C compliance & also link checker - fix
  • Links to website from credible sources like dmoz and industries related to your business. Maybe
  • Contact Us page - liked by search engines
  • About Us page - also liked by search engines
  • Internal links within page content to other pages on your site
  • Linking text - ensure varied keyword spread is used for external links to your site
  • Good Keyword Density of keywords on page - check against top ten competitors for key search terms
  • H1, H2 & H3 inpage tags.  Divide up your page appropriately
  • Turn off PDF and print icons for each page - its duplicate content
  • Unique and genuine articles about your business, its products or peripheral items.
  • choosing a domain name with your main search term keywords in it is very good
  • HTML page names with keywords in them also
  • No hidden links or meta
  • Title of page before title of the site
  • Robots.txt configured to exclude bad components
  • Avoid spamming on keywords - keep it under 4%
  • Build a theme with words on page content and apply this through title, description, keywords and content - unique to page
  • Build your sites content, keep checking on your rankings in google using appropriate tools
  • Give it 6 months atleast of revision, re-revision and repeating
  • Keep a diary of the changes you make. (Date, what was changed, changed from and changed to)

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