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Pagerank & Link Quantity Calculation
This chart gives you an estimation of what your page rank would be, had all the pages linkedto you been PR 1 to 10.Of course as is generally the case there will be many more lower ranked websites linking to you than higherranked websites.My suggestion is to use a tool to find the average PR of the websites linking to you.
Using blogging for your SEO
It's no big secret that blogs can be a used to give your website an improvement in the ranking of your website in the search engines. In this article I discuss how you can best used a blog to drive more traffic to your website.

While the main goal of a blog is generally to express your thoughts and opinions it can be used to offer advice or simly talk on a topic.


search engine friendly web development
What is Search engine friendly web development and how do we incorporate it into our Website?  There are many parts to creating or modifying websites so that they are likely to be more friendly for search engines.  In todays blog entry I cover some of the most important and relevant ideas for SEO and your Joomla Website.  These keys topics are; thoughts before you even start, having the correct components and modules, In page factors and Off page factors.  These are in summary format because each area is so vast.
Joomla Internal Link Checking
Links are one of the most important things you can have within your website.  We are talking about Internal links within your website and not external links out from your website nor links coming in to your website.  The reason we have links within your website are navigation and also referencing to other pages within your site that are related to the current topic or current phrase in the text.
Google Sandbox Theory

In todays blog entry I talk about submitting your website URL to Google.  I cover howto submit a URL, why it is important to do this as early as possible and I also talk about the Google Sandbox affect.  All of these factors can help your website rank well so it is very important to cover them off thoroughly.

Joomla, Google Robots text file
Joomla, Google & the Robots.txt file.  Have you ever wondered what the robots.txt file is in your Joomla base directory?  Well this article gives you some basic information on what it is and how it can be used to help in your search engine optimisation efforts for your joomla system.
Joomla Duplicate Content with PDF & Print
Are your pages listed in the Supplemental Index on Google? When you first install Joomla you will probably notice that on every content page you can view them in PDF and Printable formats but what you probably had not considered is that these seperate pages can have a detrimental affect on your websites search engine optimisation(SEO).  I show you how to configure your Joomla installation to remove these bad links.
Changing the Joomla Title field to use Title_Alias
Users who have built websites using Joomla v1.0.x and want to make their websites more friendly for search engines - termed, search engine optimisation(SEO), will like this one.  Howto change the Joomla Title field on content items so that it displays the title_alias instead.  Great little Joomla SEO tidbit.
Joomla SEO - Top Ten Tricks
The Top Ten Joomla Search Engine Optimisation tricks you should perform once you have installed Joomla Content Management System! Learn what the Joomla Development Experts do to get Joomla SEO ready!

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