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Joomla Websites

What Are Joomla Websites?

Joomla websites are web based solutions built upon the popular content management system(CMS) Joomla. Joomla is an open source CMS that is currently the most widely used on the Internet, powering somewhere in the region of 20 million websites around the globe.

Joomla websites allow users to edit the content within their site on demand and without need for a web developers interaction. A Joomla website is broadly flexible and versatile, with many different uses such as ecommerce sites, directories or simple business websites. What this means is that the basic Joomla installation can be tailored and molded to whatever kind of site you wish.

Expert Joomla Development

When choosing a development company to partner with for your Joomla site then it is important to be selective and thorough in your evaluation process. We suggest looking at the companies sample Joomla websites, their portfolio and examples on what they can deliver. If you need to, then check the developers references and testimonials to ensure they can deliver your solution competently.

Joomla Sites - What Do, We Do?

Kanga are the experts in building large and small Joomla solutions. We have a vast portfolio of sites and the experience to build any kind of website you would like with Joomla. We can tailor a solution to suit your budget and your requirements.

With services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, Australia contact Kanga for your next Joomla site.

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