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Other SEO Considerations

The topics covered here are not considered completely SEO topics but in terms of overall objective increasing sales, this section is very important. Take these things on board, consider them, consult with your designer and marketing team. Make educated and informed choices on these topics when considering your audience and what your websites objectives and goals are.

Screen Size

Over 65% of all screens in the World are set to run at the 1024x768 resolution. Of the remaining percentage, 13% are running at 800x600, 20% running at larger sizes and 2% are unknown. So this affects the way you design. It would be my suggestion to always design for the smallest user to visit your site, but often I find 800x600 restrictive so I tend to design for slightly larger. Not large enough to make an 800x600 user angry but large enough to make it look good on larger screens also. I weigh up my target users, my intended amount of content and find some happy medium. I generally design for 1000x620 as this is the perfect amount of real estate for a 1024x768 user when they have the browser top bar and status bar and Windows taskbar.

Colours and themes:

One important aspect of marketing - selling - is the use of color. Meanings are attached to colors in the same way meanings are attached to words.

  • Gold is the colour of wealth and prosperity.
  • White is the colour of pure innocence and cleanliness.
  • Pink is the colour of femininity and softness.
  • Green is the colour of natural things and freshness.
  • Red is the colour of danger and stress.
  • Blue is the colour the calmness, intelligence. The majority of the World selects blue as a favorite color. It often represents "trust".

Use of colour to establish an image or a brand is common in the marketing community, yet when you visit the websites of many search engine optimization professionals, it's obvious that colour significance plays no part in their own web optimization. Some of the colours I found on SEO websites:

  • Baby Blue, a color which implies weakness.
  • Red, a color which implies risk, or danger.
  • Orange a color which implies a cheerful "levity". Orange is one of Americans least favorite colors.

Although colour selection is off topic for SEO I would consider it a very important factor in what SEO is trying to achieve, in the end, for your website selling more product, creating loyalty to your brand and customer impact. Colour research is something you should seriously consider. In summary of colour choices I would suggest studying and learning more about your customers, researching colour choices and their relevance to your underlying products and making informed choices on these in collaboration. If in doubt then I suggest sticking to safe and trusted colours within safe eye pleasing designs.

Gifs for logos & jpgs for pictures

Ensure you are using gifs for logos and background placements and jpgs for photos on your website. This helps reduce size and improve clarity of the web site overall.


It is vitally important to ensure your web page works in both IE, Firefox and Opera. Testing other browsers is also an advantage but these are the main three in use nowadays (2007). I think quoting stats on the browser breakdown are irrelevant as you need it work in all browsers. W3C cross browser compliance is great for this.

So, this brings us to the end of Volume 1: Fundamentals of SEO Web Design. There are many things to consider when designing a website or modifying a web site to make it more SEO friendly. Clearly I have a few more volumes left in SEO for websites.

I hope you enjoyed the reading and I hope you will link to my website, Stay tuned for more SEO hints and tips from Kanga Internet. If you want a PDF version of this file then just email me and I will gladly send it to you.

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