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Page Rank & Link Quantity Calculation

The following chart is based on the Google pagerank calculation for how Google calculates the PageRank (PR) of an individual page and what is required for certain pageranks. You can use this table as a guide and an estimation of how many links you need to get to achieve a certain pagerank score.

How To Interpret This Information

This chart gives you an estimation of what your page rank would be, had all the pages linked to you been PR 1 to 10.Of course as is generally the case there will be manymore lower ranked websites linking to you than higher ranked websites.My suggestion is to use a tool to find the average PR of the websites linking to you.

What Do The PageRank Ranges Represent?

The "Start Range","End Range", and "Median Value" show how many votes a website with that particular PageRank would be expected to have to justify a certain Pagerank score.Since a single website might only just qualify to be a Pagerank 5, it might have only 5,033 votes castfor it while a strong Pagerank 5 website would be expected to have up to 27,213 votes.

To find out the amount of links you need to gain to get a certain pagerank simply look across the top and then down. For example we want find out how many links we need to get a pagerank 7. In the collumn Links for PR7, I need 406,621 page rank 1 links to achieve my pagerank 7. For a pagerank of 8, I need 2.2million pagerank 1 links.

Please remember that the amounts of links are estimates and in no way can be 100% accurate because there are many other factors involved in how much link juice a website getsfrom an individual link to it. It is also important to note that the pagerank of a website is only a small piece of how and why websites rank well in the search results. Pagerank is only a guide as to the importance of this website when compared to all others on the Internet and is one small piece in the ranking of that page within the search engine results pages.

Page Rank & Link Quantity Calculation Chart
Start End Median Median Links Links Links Links
PR Range Range Value PR Passed for PR5for PR6 for PR7 for PR8

1 6 30 15 0.37 13,442 73,931 406,621 2,236,418
2 30 164 82 2.06 2,444 13,442 73,931 406,621
3 166 900 453 11.33 444 2,444 13,442 73,931
4 915 4,948 2,492 62.29 81 444 2,444 13,442
5 5,033 27,213 13,704 342.61 15 81 444 2,444
6 27,681 149,670 75,374 1,884.35 2.6709 14.690 80.794 444.365
7 152,244 823,186 414,557 10,363.94 0.4856 2.671 14.690 80.794
8 837,339 4,527,522 2,280,066 57,001.65 0.0883 0.486 2.671 14.690
9 4,605,367 24,901,372 12,540,364 313,509.09 0.0161 0.088 0.486 2.671
10 25,329,516 136,957,543 68,972,000 1,724,300.01 0.0029 0.016 0.088 0.486
Assumption: 85% of_median_value_passed
Assumption: 40 links_per_page_average

(These are only estimates. This is for education and learning)

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