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Free Joomla Templates

At Kanga, we don't mess about - we give you a ton of free joomla templates to use on your websites. We have a wide variety so please browse, choose and download as many as you would like. The following Joomla templates are provided totally free and without charge. Download them and take full advantage of the fact that we give them away at no charge!  Normally our templates would be over $2000 but at the moment we think that there is a real need in the market for decent, stylish and free Joomla templates. We have developed a range of styles that you can use in many various different situations and on different kinds of websites - portals, blogs, homepages, business websites the choice is yours.  They also range  in color, from black themes, pink, green, orange and brown, to a simple style usable on Church websites.  Download all the FREE Joomla Templates you wish. Use them, distribute them and take full advantage!

Once configured and installed we like to ensure all of the module positions are laid out correctly on your website.  You can do this yourself or you can hire a web developer to do this for you.  If you want a polished and clean result then you should hire a professional to ensure the site is planned out properly. Contact us for a quote on doing this.  Please consider us for this task!

We recently updated our collection to include new styles and designs. We are hoping that these will suit most of the request we have had over the last coupel of months for newer themed stlyes and designs. Themed around business, work and home we think the new collection are great for all sorts of situations. Get your themes here in our download directory at Kanga.

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