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Web Developer

What A Web Developer Does

A web developer is a coder or programmer that pieces together large and small web based software solutions. Web solutions can be simple 5 page websites, ecommerce websites, content management systems, large complex portals or even more complex large intranet applications incorporating project management systems, file and document management systems. A web developer is the person who writes the code for the way the software and system will work, from the inside out. It's a very complex job and often is under estimated how hard it is to write error free and bug free code. Don't expect any web developer to have completely bug free code but instead reward the fact bugs are steadily reduced over time and the solution completed.

The Benefits Of An Experienced Web Developer

When it comes to coding and programming there are inexperienced and there are experienced web developers. A well trained and knowledgeable web developer will take about one tenth of the time to code an application that a lesser experienced developer will take and thats if the inexperienced developer can even code the software in the first place. Often there is very little that a competent web developer cannot do or hasn't done before and generally they are very fast about doing it.

The best analogy is; you wouldn't choose an inexperienced or first time heart surgeon to operate on your heart would you? The same as an inexperienced mechanic can take a lot longer to know how to fix your car, costing you hundreds of dollars more in parts that were not needed, conversely a specialist web developer with years of experience is irreplaceable and can probably not only build you a better solution but also quicker than their lesser counterpart. Don't make the mistake of choosing inexperienced people to work on your project or application.

Why Choose Kanga?

Kanga web development team have years of experience in coding large and small web based applications. We know how to design, develop and promote your web solution. Our web developer team analyse the technical construction of your website and then we draw up complete plans for how the website will be constructed from the ground up. These plans form the basis for the framework of your site. Once design and analysis is complete we then get down to the actual coding and development where we code your website in HTML, the appropriate programming language and all other necessary technologies.

Kanga are the proven and experienced web developer. Contact us to find out how we can help your next development project.

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