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A CMS or Content Management System is a collection of scripts, generally organised into a complete website management console that allows the user to add, edit and delete content from a website. This would generally be done via an administration login or console to the CMS.

Publishing content to the CMS website is not exclusively done in this manner but it is often a web based admin area. This kind of solution is most common on 99% of the CMS software solutions available today allowing you to publish online.  Kanga use a CMS called Joomla. Joomla is one of the most common open source CMS available and is held in high regard within the open source community for its general purpose use, security protection and ability to be used in many different situations.

CMS websites allow for a simple kind of workflow and procedure, meaning administrators can assign tasks for collaboration, protect certain content from specific groups of users or simply un-publish content with the click of a button.

Why Choose A CMS From Kanga?

The Kanga CMS is built and engineered from the ground up, tailored to suit your every need . Every business is different and the way we put things together is to ensure that your new CMS website matches the way you do business most closely. Our CMS is designed to be used in many different situations and circumstances and provides us flexibility in the way we piece together the solution for you. This flexibility generally offers you a faster build time on your website.

A web based CMS will have a WYSIWYG, which is a what you see is what you get editor. This allows the administrator to see how the content will look while it is being typed in. Edit text, font size, colour, position and such within the content editor area. The Kanga CMS also allows for a scalable set of features to be implemented, meaning we can plugin various modules and components to expand on the basic set of attributes. Kanga CMS also uses an advanced templating system that means switching between styles, shapes colours and backgrounds on your website is as easy as a click on the mouse

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