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Customer Relationship Management(CRM) System

What is a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?

A CRM system is a way to electronically track and organise the contacts an organisation receives. Often a CRM system is used by the sales department to track contacts, leads and sales. It allows multiple people to deal with a single client and record all communication and actions taken with their account. It is this collaborative approach that essentially means a managed approach to dealing with customers

Expert CRM

When choosing a company to build a CRM it is imperative that you select wisely. It is advantageous to partner with a company that have built and implemented CRM solutions before and that have a working system they can show you. Examples and demonstration models are key to providing confidence in the CRM system.

A good customer relationship management system will store the following information

  • customer data such as name, address, contact, company, phone numbers, email address, corporate structure, job titles, employees
  • lead and source
  • all inbound and outbound communication with tracking of those conversations
  • sales process tracking
  • follow up information
  • detail on services provided
  • integration with other systems, like Microsoft Outlook, Calendar etc

CRM - What Do, We Do?

We are the experts in building and developing CRM systems for companies that are looking to track and maintain their processes in an organised manner. A CRM system will provide the company with an ability to organise their contact with clients and customers so as to allow multiple people to work on the same client base without loss of information or integrity in reesponse.

Contact Kanga to find out how our customer relationship management system can help organise your customer contact today!

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