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Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a fast, efficient and cost effective method of communicating with your customer base or target market using the medium of electronic mail. With more attention given to emails than snail-mail or telephone calls, it is a far more convenient and proven method of marketing message delivery to your potential customers. Information is distributed at a relatively low-cost compared to other methods of marketing communications. In essence an email marketing solution, can enhance existing client relationships, encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases, and stimulate new business and customer acquisition.

Professional Email Marketing Service

Using a paid email marketing service will allow you to focus and fine tune your campaign with a measurable result and analysis on the return from your investment. Bulk recipients receive your Newsletters, mail-outs, invitations, promotions and other business communications in an instant with our email system. Response to your email marketing campaigns are easily tracked and monitored to measure your return on investment.

Email templates can be designed and developed to properly represent your company brand and image and may reflect the look and feel of your website or be designed to appeal to a specific audience or recipient group. Messages can also be presented in your preferred format of Text or HTML. Integration with your website means that web content such as products, articles, news, client testimonials or information regarding promotions can be pulled directly from the website into the email newsletter, and quick-links provide referral back to your website for recipients to view the original content or make a purchase.

What Do, We Do?

Our email marketing campaigns are tailored to suit your unique business and marketing needs. We recognise that a reliable and flexible email marketing system is a modern day business requirement.

While newsletter or email subscribers may be captured through your website or drawn from other business databases, our email marketing system allows you to manage and modify an unlimited number of subscriber groups. Also, we allow you to segment subscribers, demographics like, personal interests, personal attributes (age, height, weight), product preferences or for more direct profiling by geo-graphical region for regional targeted campaigns. A subscriber list can be exported to and imported from Microsoft Excel. Also we can schedule for the emails to be sent at specified times and dates, so you can plan ahead.

Specialised reporting features give you the ability to monitor and track the status of a campaign. This includes information on the amount of emails sent, quantity of emails received and those which are still in progress. We also track how many emails have been opened by recipients and the emails which have bounced.

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