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Expert Google Analytics

Analytics is "the science of analysis". In terms of websites then it refers to the reporting of website statistics and the analysis of user interaction with the website.

Often the analysis of website statistics encompasses Google Analytics, Woopra, Crazy Egg and Click Tale. These websites in combination provide complete statistics on website usage and the visitors. Including complete visitor stats, real-time visitor analysis, geo-location of visitors and heat map analysis of clicks within the website.

When used in combination a lot can be learned about the way visitors interact with your website. This information is invaluable in testing landing pages, where visitors come from and how the website is performing within the overall market.

Reporting & Google Analytics Benefits

While there many ways to analyse your website using analytics it is important to actually understand and interpret the information you are gathering. Hiring an analytics expert is important if you want to understand how your website is working, formulate a strategy moving forward and be able to understand the market in general and how you compare.

Often reporting can be scheduled so that it can be delivered to your email inbox on a weekly, monthly basis or at an interval of your choice.

The Advantages Of Reporting & Analytics With Kanga

We are the experts in website analytics. We monitor key metrics about your website and we put together a strategy and plan of how your website can move forward more strongly. We have a proven method of monitoring and working with existing websites that are under-performing. Our Internet marketing experts are capable of increasing your website performance.

Contact Kanga to find out how our reporting and analytics improvements can help your website today!

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