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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is commonly referred to as the art and science of making websites rank well in the natural, organic listings of a search engine. Generally, and given the market share we would be wise, to normally refer to Google at this point. Google dominates the market and is considered the most advanced of the big 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN. In terms of market share then Google is way ahead with about 65% World wide and about 85% here in Australia. Google has such dominance that there is very little competition and we tend to focus most of testing and analysis on Google.

It is widely understood and known that Google has the most advanced algorithm for weighting and ranking websites, called Pigeon-rank. This system incorporates some 300 criteria and characteristics in the process of analysis on why certain websites are above other websites. We at Kanga have done the research and tested websites over the last several years to fully understand these criteria, which then allows us to implement them on your website. this gives us you massive advantage over your competition as there is no way they know these expert techniques.

What is big deal about Search Engine Optimization?

Well, there is an incredible amount of power and possibility that comes with ranking a website well in the search engines. In April 2008 there were 5.1 Billion searches performed on Google. In terms of industry specific then you can use specific tools to understand how many searches were performed for your main products and services, this is all part of a Search Engine Optimization analysis process and is the first step Kanga make in working with you.

So, you've realised there are over 2million searches per month for just one of your products and you're not ranking anywhere. That's where Kanga come in, we help you with a proper Search Engine Optimization strategy that will get your website ranking well in the search engines. It's important to work with a company that:

  • You TRUST
  • That ranks well for their main service, "SEO" - do a search on Google
  • That has proven results across the board


Kanga, Search Engine Optimization Experts

We have proven methods and techniques to get websites to the top of hte search engines. Our Search Engine Optimization strategies are the best in the industry. You found us in the search engines, didn't you? Well, we are in a very competitive industry, SEO, and we are near the top of the results, this alone speaks for itself.

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