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Independent Audit Of Your Website SEO Strategies

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An SEO audit is an independent review and assessment of the strategies and methods your website is currently employing and a measure of the success attributed to those strategies. This kind of check is a way for you assess how the search engine optimisation is performing on your website and also if it is setup and structured correctly. There are generally about 100-300 audit items on the check list of an SEO audit, dependent on the scale of the site.  A proper strategy and audit should generally be performed by a seperate company to the company used to build the website, think of it as a third party checkup or an independent SEO review.

Benefits Of Independent SEO Analysis

I am sure you are aware that most companies you approach for SEO will also be pitching to do the work on your website should they find anything wrong. Of course it is in their best interests to find issues otherwise they miss out on your project work and in kind miss out on income.

An independent SEO audit or SEO analysis is a way for you to work with a company and have them safely assess the SEO of your website without this biased. Meaning that the audit and review are completely seperate to any work that may be generated as the result of that report on the website.

Advantage: Best SEO Strategies In Australia

We perform a complete 250 point SEO strategy check of your website - is it performing up to standard? What can be improved? How? Why? Our checklist covers everything you need to know about your website and how well it will perform in the search results.

Typically we cover every aspect of the search engine optimisation on your website from title tags, meta tags, content, images, layouts and positioning to inbound linking strategies. We also perform analysis on how well the SEO is performing with a ranking review and inbound link assessment. We are the experts in SEO audits and analysis. With independent and unbiased advice and suggestions on search engine optimisation, we provide a detailed report to you with all of these points addressed in a comprehensive 30 page+ report.

The longer you wait, the stronger your competition become within the search results, so contact Kanga today, to get a SEO strategy audit performed on your website!

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