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Web Hosting

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an Internet based hosting service that allows organisations and individuals to lease space on a computer that is accessible to the World Wide Web. Essentially web hosting is the service needed to allow you to publish websites on the Internet for all to see.

Often web hosting providers have many types and locations for their web hosting packages and as a consequence their are many options. It is important to consider all options that your web host provides and consult with experienced IT staff to ensure your hosting package is appropriate, scalable and adequate for your needs.

Benefits Of A Full Service Web Host

While there many thousands of web hosts around the Globe there are very few in the top tier of providers. When considering a web host ensure you check their reliability and uptime, is there a guarantee? Check their infrastructure setup, does the web host have several redundant Internet connections? - just in case 1 goes down. Does the web host provide all of the programming languages, databases and extra support and services you need to operate your business online? Consider all of the options and don't just go for the cheapest, find out why the most expensive is priced that way!

Website Hosting - What Do, We Do?

We are the experts in full service web hosting. We provide multiple redundant connections to our servers, so if one of our Internet connections goes down then we have many others to back it up and keep your website live. We provide web hosting with php, java, ruby on rails, cold fusion, .NET. Also, databases like MySQL and PostGresSql. We provide a control panel that allows you to easily configure your website hosting environment. We also provide SSH and SFTP access to your website so you can easily modify files and content within your pages quickly.

Kanga have web hosting services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, Australia. Contact Kanga to find out why we are one of Australia's premier website hosts.

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