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Websites are the main information sources on the World Wide Web and are searched for over 61 Billion times per month in Search Engines. It is because of the way that websites link to each other and form a network, or web, we are afforded the ability to understand and use them as a complete information resource. The power of the simple website and their influence on society today cannot be under stated. In February 2007 a Netcraft Web Survey found there to be over 108 million and distinct websites on the Internet. If we then take that number and multiply by the average number of pages in those sites then that is roughly about 29 Billion web pages on the Internet. Massive numbers and its important not to get lost in the mist of useless sites!

Of course there is never enough time to look at all of these sites and this is where our big brother Google helps, with online marketing and SEO. Google can and have indexed a large percentage of these but websites will still get lost in the maze of the billions online. We use Google to find the topics and sites that are of most interest to us, every day with over 61 billion searches World Wide.

Top Quality Websites By Kanga

Kanga are the experts are designing and developing websites for clients around Australia. We specialise in putting together solutions that look great and also rank well in the search engines. With custom design and web development on every single website we put together, we make you stand out from the rest. A website is a link from your offline business to your online presence and it is this link that forms the basis for the information you want to present to your potential clients and customers online.

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